Sandra Akins

The CompanYogi was born to bring the benefits of Yoga to places where people needed the most. 


I worked in the corporate world for many years. I know how it feels to be on a chair for long hours, I see how the lower back hurts, the legs are numbed, the stomach is bloated, and the stress cripples on the neck. You hit a wall, and you are not productive or creative anymore.

The solution is to stop, breathe, stretch the body, make the blood flow go and reboot yourself. 

We can do this, and it only takes 50 minutes to feel refreshed and anew.


I created a class that adapts traditional Yoga poses to the office space. Everybody can perform these exercises. The individual doesn't need to be flexible, or in great shape, he only needs an open mind and comfortable clothes.


Our yoga classes help the person to relax, recharge, invigorate the body, and to improve the mood. 


Your employees will have a healing experience in only 50 Minutes. They will feel excellent and more driven.


A healing yoga class will help them decrease anxiety and feel more integrated with the company and their colleges.


If you need information about our classes, please send me a private message, and I will give you all the details about our services.


Thank you,